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Beli Manastir

The Only Town in Baranja

Beli Manastir is the only town in Baranja and its administrative seat. It grew on the Southeast slopes of the Baranja Mountain, almost half way between Osijek in the south and Hungarian town of Mohač in the north. The town name derives from the Middle Ages when in 1227 the Hungarian palatine Moys de Daro erected a monastery on his property, in the place named Pél. Because of this, the place was later renamed to Pél Monostor (Pél's Monastery). When in 1920 Southern Baranja became a part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, the place was to change its name. Finally, the name Beli Manastir was proclaimed three years later, in 1923.


  • Church of St. Martin
  • Beli Manastir Theather
  • Beli Manastir city library

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