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Centre od Island Korčula

Blato is a small town on Korčula island, situated in the middle of the western part of the island like an amphitheatre on seven hills around a smaller valley. Through the village stretches a long alley of lime-trees called “Zlinje”, and along it are public buildings built in the last few decades: the school, a hotel, banks, shops, the municipality, the clinic and others. In the old centre, southern of “Zlinje”, on a big patterned place, is the parish church of “All Saints” that was originally built in the 13th century, the bell-tower and the lodge.


  • Blato Summer Festival
  • Knight’s society Kumpanija
  • Ethno house Barilo
  • Blato’s parish church of All Saints
  • Battle of Giča reenactment

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