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Ivanić-Grad Hunting Grounds

Island of Ivanić (Insula Ivanich) is first mentioned in the charter of Croatian and Hungarian king Saint Ladislaus dating from 1093. By means of the charter, the King acknowledges the bestowal of the Island of Ivanić for allowance to the Bishops of Kaptol in Zagreb. Its natural beauties and historic monuments attract more and more tourists and visitors. Among others, they enjoy the benefits of home cooking and a glass of excellent wine. Those who enjoy sports and recreation can relax while walking or cycling across the slopes of Moslavina, picking of mushroom and other forest fruit, and hunters and anglers can find something to do for themselves as well. On hunting grounds, on the total surface of 5000 hectares, there are several hunting lodges, while some of them offer overnight accommodation.


  • Parish church of St. Peter
  • Ivanić-Grad town hall
  • Ivanić-Grad hunting grounds
  • One of the oldest voluntary fire-fighting societies
  • Ivanić Carnival
  • Pumpkin Festival

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