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City of Eight Church Towers

Križevci is one of the oldest towns in central Croatia, situated at the southern foot of the Kalnik hill. Its Latin name, Crisium (Cris), is derived from the Croatian word "križ" (cross), not the Latin word crux. Its name is believed to be related to the ancient Church of the Holy Cross. Still, according to another theory, the name of the town is related to its geographical position, since it had developed at the crossing of the important ancient roads: Koprivnica-Zagreb road (Via Colomani), a strategic road from Hungary towards the sea (Rijeka), and Varaždin - Jakobove - Srednice - Pakrac - Požega road. Križevci has been identified as a town, and an urban center of the region, since ancient history, providing a broad range of facilities and services related to education system, culture, and religion.


  • Križevci maiden guard
  • Križevci Municipal Museum and Gallery of Fine Arts
  • Church of the Holy Cross
  • Statutes of Križevci
  • Veliki and Mali Kalnik

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