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Lipik Healing Spa

Lipik is known for its Lipik spa, mineral water and ergeli horses Lipizzaners in the nearby Izidorovcu, where he Izidor Janković early XIX. century launched their cultivation. Lipik as a spa town and there is some two hundred years, but his roots go back much further in history, precisely at the time of the Roman Empire. The water temperature at the source is 60° C, is rich in minerals and is suitable for the treatment of disease locomotive system, sciatica, lumbarga, etc. The treatment is used and medicinal mulje. Mineral water used for drinking, the market known as "Spring", "Studena", "Deit." In the vicinity of Lipik, there are possibilities of hunting and fishing, a good road and rail connections attract many tourists and excursionists. Kursalon, Wandelbahn, swimming pools, stud farm, hotels, villas, fountains, gardens and park are some of the points which owns Lipik.


  • Lipik spa
  • Lipik old town
  • Lipizzan stable
  • Hunting and fishing grounds
  • Lipik parks

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