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Marija Bistrica

Catholic National Shrine and Pillgrimage Destination

Marija Bistrica a village on the northern slopes of Medvednica Mountain in Hrvatsko Zagorje. Economy is based on farming, livestock breeding and tourism. This settlement named Bistrica was mentioned in 1202. Its present name Marija Bistrica was given in 18th century after the discovery of the amazing statue of God’s Mother, when Marija Bistrica became the most important holly place of Croats. The Bishops conference established Marija Bistrica in 1971 as the national shrine and determinate the date 13th July to be the Holiday Mother of God of Bistrica. The most important day of Marija Bistrica is the visit of Pope on 3rd October 1998, when approx. one million people participated in the ceremony of blessing of Cardinal Alois Stepinac given by the Pope John Paulus II.


  • Marian shrine of the Black Madonna
  • The Basilica of Mary
  • Marija Bistrica traditional crafts
  • Baroque column of Gabriel the Archangel
  • Summer in Mairja Bistrica festival

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