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Potting and Ceramic Crafts

At the location of today’s Petrinja, the continuity of habitation can be traced back to the 1592, when the Turkish fort was built at the mouth of the rivers Petrinjčica and Kupa. When this fort was destroyed in 1728, a few clusters of houses were already formed – known as Kaverlin, Majdanci and Kaniža. The second part of the 18th century was marked with the economic boost and development, which influenced a significant growth in building activities and the construction of the town. In that period, the main streets as we know them were constructed, with recognizable examples of baroque and classicist architecture, at the road intersections. The town centre located at the exact intersection of several communication directions is dominated by the Strossmayer’s promenade, the town’s park with exotic shrubs and rare trees, protected by the state in the category of garden architecture.


  • Ruins of Pecki grad and Čuntić grad
  • Ban Jelačić Stone
  • Slova sculpture
  • Strossmayer promenade
  • Petrinja Carnival

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