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Pirovac Bay, a Natural Phenomenon

Pirovac is situated in the bay, a natural phenomenon, which cut ten kilometers deep into the coast with the attractive scent of evergreen Mediterranean plants, pine woods and sea. Owning to the stream which circulates around the bay, the water here is approximately 3 to 4 grades Celsius warmer than average along the Adriatic coast. Along the bay of Pirovac there are many inlets, sandy beaches and the islet of St. Stephen (Sustipanac) situated westwards. The can see the remains of an old monastery and church that were built and given to Franciscans by Petar Draganic a land owner in 1511.


  • Pirovac bay
  • Pirovac defensive walls
  • Pirovac town gates
  • Makirina healing muds
  • Lake Vrana

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