• Gotic House

    Gotic House

    In the main old town street, Decumanus, there's a house where you can see: two trifora. The Gothic Palace was built in 1473 in gotico fiorito Venetian architectual style. In this period of its life Poreč was undoubtfully a home to quite a few wealthy families that didn't mind paying a lot for their houses to be as nice and modern as in Venice. A number of such palaces is preserved.

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  • The Great Temple and of Neptune

    The Great Temple and of Neptune

    The Great Temple – northwest of the Marafor Square. The remains (a part of the wall and foundation) of an ancient temple from the beginning of the 1st century. The Temple of Neptune – in a park, west of the Marafor Square, only fragments of the ancient temple, which was dedicated to the god of the sea, Neptune, are preserved.

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  • Square Marafor

    Square Marafor

    In the 1st century it pride itself with the biggest Roman sanctuary in Istria. Mart's temple or the Big temple was one of the biggest on the Adriatic. North of it there is the ruin of Neptune's temple. The Marafor Square, Poreč's oldest and biggest square, a Roman forum rectangularly shaped is near the temples.

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  • Bullwarks Mediaevals

    Bullwarks Mediaevals

    Poreč surrounded by walls will survive till the 18th century. The ones erected from the 12th to the 16th century mainly follow an antique fortification pattern. Towers preserved till today were built by some head people: the Pentagonal by Nicolo' Lion in 1447, the Round Tower by Francesco Bondulmier in1473, and the Semi-circular by Pietro de Mula in 1475.

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  • Pentagonal Tower

    Pentagonal Tower

    Located at the beginning of the central street, Decumanus, at the entrance of the heart of the old city. It was erected in the mid 15th century in Gothic style, with a relief of a Venetian lion on the facade. Up until the French occupation, parts of the city gates were preserved all the way up to the tower.

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  • Norther Tower

    Norther Tower

    Alongside the Peškera bay, northeast of the heart of the old city. It was built in the 15 century. Today the edge is still partly preserved. Between the three towers, as well as around the peninsula, there used to be the City's ramparts. Parts of it are still best visible from the board-walk along the northern side of the City. The City was detached from the mainland by a trench.

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