• Riva


    It is hard to imagine any coastal town without its waterfront. A promenade for strolling, meeting, resting on a bench after a hard day's work, be it even its small part only 200 m long.

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  • City of Graz Park

    City of Graz Park

    The park named after the twinned-city of Pula lies in the very center of the city between the main pedestrian and automobile communication directions. It was built in 1957 on the ruins of buildings destroyed in air raids, so that the base on which it lies is inadequate and does not meet the requirements of a modern city park.

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  • Memorial Room of Antonio Smareglia

    Memorial Room of Antonio Smareglia

    This publication is dedicated to the Istrian composer Antonio Smareglia. It is being published on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the composer’s birth and of the opening of the memorial room in the composer’s birth-house in Pula.

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  • Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria

    Museum of Contemporary Art of Istria

    The museum collects works of art created in the second half of last century until the latest work of recent artists. MCAI represents an open meeting place of multiculturalism and, above all, to be a leading cultural and art institution of Istrian artists.

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  • Lighting Giants

    Lighting Giants

    "Lighting Giants", Pula's new attraction, is a unique project in the world of lighting cranes of an operating shipyard. Dean Skira, the world-famous lighting designer, with the help of sponsors and workers of Uljanik Shipyard, has lit up the shipyard's iconic cranes, a characteristic symbol of Pula.

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  • Naval cemetery

    Naval cemetery

    The Naval cemetery, dating from 1866, is the site where 150,000 soldiers from the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (until 1918) were buried. It is located in the direction of Stoja.

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