• Paintball Point Flash

    Paintball Point Flash

    Paintbal Polygon in Rovinj-Paintball Point Flash located near the Gripule area, only a few minutes drive from the roundabout at the Istrian Street in the direction of Poreč. Its area is about 2,000 m2, wooded terrain. A polygon is open in the summer and will offer you all that's necessary for the most amazing paintball game ever.

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  • Shipwrecks under the sea – Baron Gautsch

    Shipwrecks under the sea – Baron Gautsch

    The Baron Gautsch passenger ferry, 85 meters long and almost 12 meters wide, sank not far from Rovinj in 1914. The wreck is located 8 NM from Rovinj, it is very well preserved and one of the most beautiful ones in the Adriatic, while the option of entering the ship’s interior is a special attraction.

  • Bicycle routes

    Bicycle routes

    Rovinj area and its surroundings provide 3 trails of 30 km and two longer, about 60 km for a little more demanding cyclists, cycling routes which are marked on the cycling map of Istria. Rovinj and the surrounding countryside and the biking trails crossing provided at approximately 30 km and pass the most beautiful beaches, park forest Zlatni Rt, a protected ornithological reservation Palud, tourist camps and hotels.


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