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Hanging Boats of Savudrija

Savudrija, a small fishing village, is located on a small peninsula and is a favorite romantic oasis to those who are in love with the beauty, history and the blueness of the sea. It rests peacefully surrounded by pine forests and vineyards, lulled into the rhythm of the waves and the singing of seagulls. Her trademark is an old lighthouse, built in the name of love between an Austrian celebrity and a local girl, which still calls out to many lovers by providing them with proof that great loves live forever. Savudrija is known for its hanging boats - the specific way of keeping boats from bad weather. The boats are lifted with ropes above the sea and remain suspended in the air, waiting to meet with the blueness of the sea again.


  • The oldest lighthouse in Croatia
  • The Chapel of St. John
  • Castle Sipar
  • Stancija Grande villa
  • The Savudrija Open golf tournament
  • Savudrija Nights festival

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