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Vast Bay Famous for Nautical Tourism

Sukošan, a town and small harbour in a vast bay (Luka Sukošan), 11 km southeast of Zadar; population 2,275. Chief occupations include farming, viniculture, olive growing, fruit growing and tourism. Sukošan lies on the main road (M2, E65). The parish church of St. Kasijan, erected probably in the 11th century (fragments with of "pleter" motifs - interlacery ornamentation), assumed its present aspect in the 17th century. A small church from the 17th century rises on the graveyard. Fragments with "pleter" (interlacery ornaments) are incorporated in its door-posts and on the front.


  • Church of our Lady of Mercy
  • Church of St Cassian
  • The emblem of family Zmajević
  • Marina Dalmacija
  • Sukošan fismermen festivities

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