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Varaždinske Toplice

Aquae Iasae

Varaždinske Toplice – a charming town located on the north-east border of the Hrvatsko Zagorje region, received its main characteristics – its location, name and fundamental function – from a nature’s gift – a natural spring of healing thermal water. Its first known inhabitants was an old Pannonian tribe called Jasi (“Jas” means “the owner of a hot wellspring”, also called “Topličan”), while the Romans gave it the first known name – Aqua Iasae. During the Middle Ages, thermal water again became the central feature and a defining element of the renewed settlement. This is evident from the first Medieval mention of Toplice – a charter of king Bela III from 1181 – wherein Toplice was called Toplissa.


  • Ancianet Roman baths
  • St. Martin's church
  • Varaždinske Toplice old town
  • 19th century public baths
  • Lovro's bath

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