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The Greatest Folklore Event in This Part of Europe

The City of Vinkovci is located in the furthermost northeast of Croatia, between rivers Danube and Sava, situated along the river Bosut. It extends along the Bosut valley, the highway and the railway, which connect the Western Europe with the Far East, and the Middle Europe with the exit to the Adriatic sea. The City has significant and high-quality natural resources as well as developed infrastructure, and it is through this that one may notice that it is an economically and strategically important part of Croatia. All of this resulted in the traditional agricultural/cattle-raising production and developed forestry, the development of industry and trade, and lastly, a very rich traditional culture.


  • Sopot Archeology Park
  • Vinkovci City Museum
  • Church of St. John Nepomuk
  • The Orion - the oldest Indo-European calendar
  • Vinkovci Autumn - greatest folklore event in this part of Europe

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