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Astronomical observatory

Between Mirna river and Lim fjord, facing the blue sea, loved by the Mediterranean sun, kissed by the four winds, surrounded by all shades of green, lies the old town of Višnjan - a perfect picture of Mediterranean charm. At the very entrance to Višnjan, today as centuries ago, the strong pines, ancient oaks and rich chestnuts welcome us as a reminder of the true ruler of Višnjan - its nature. Višnjan is world known for its astronomical achievements. In fact, in Višnjan, there is the famous observatory, which is one of the ten most productive observatories of the world of all times while it is the first in Europe by the number of discovered asteroids.


  • Višnjan observatory building
  • Venetian style Baroque municipal building
  • Castle Montenes
  • Cave Baredine
  • ASTROFEST, traditional meeting for astronomy lovers
  • The World Astronomy Day celebration

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