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Famous Gourmet and Meat Producing Town

Vrbovec, a town with a population of 5,000 lying 40 km from Zagreb. The first written record of the town dates back to 1244 (document of King Bela IV). The Vrbovec fortress was raised in 1528 as a defensive structure to fend off the Turks. Later it was owned by the Zrinski, Erdödy, Patačić and other families. Petar Zrinski was born here in 1621. Today, only the cylindrical tower still stands.Near Vrbovec (Negovec), M.J. Zagorka, the popular novelist and first female journalist in southern Europe, was born. The area abounds in valuable cultural heritage and numerous rural excursion areas, which are perfect places for relaxation and culinary delights (including the event “What Our Elders Ate”, held in August), and sports: tennis, trap shooting and fishing.


  • Manorial estate Rakovec
  • Castle Lovrečina Grad
  • Church of St Lawrence
  • Varoški Lug and Novakuša forests
  • Mausoleum of family De Piennes
  • Česma hunting lodge

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