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Important Zagorje Urban and Industrial Centre

Zabok is a town and municipality situated in northwest Croatia in the Krapina-Zagorje county. It has a population of 9,365. Owing to many cultural and educational institutions, Zabok has all conditions to become a modern industry centre apt to promote the development of the whole region. In 1782, Sigismund Vojković-Vojkffy started the construction of a church in Zabok, completing it in 1805. With the abolition of the feudalism, former serfs were offered a possibility of choosing their own place of settlement, and the majority settled along the roads connecting Gredice and Bračak with the new centre developing around the church, to form the new city centre. The town reached its final shape in the period after World War II, when it spread longitudinally along the northern side of the railway track.


  • Krapinice Valley
  • Castle Kulmer and its park
  • Old Zabok town
  • St. Jelena church
  • Castle Đalski

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