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Zaprešić and its Famous Sports Environs

Zaprešić, a town with a population of 26,000 and lying 17 km west of Zagreb. Zaprešić and the surrounding areas offer several interesting tourist destinations: 5 castles (Lužnica, Januševec, Laduč, Gornja Bistra, Jakovlje), churches, flora and fauna reserves, excellent cuisine and traditional events (Jelačić Days in May and October). The Jelačić Novi Dvori is one of the best preserved feudal estates in Croatia. Sporting options include football, handball, basketball, bowling, equestrian sports and show jumping, paragliding, motor handgliding, motocross, cycling, tennis and golf


  • New Jelačić palace
  • Lužnica Mansion and Laduč mansion
  • Januševac palace
  • Bird reserve Zaprešić – Sava
  • Matija Skurjeni Museum
  • Zaprešić hunting societies

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