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Endless Meadows, Vineyards and Rich Fields

In the center of Istrian peninsula, surrounded by picturesque green fertile fields, there is Žminj. The legend says that once upon a time, there were two nice twin-cities. One was at the place of today’s Žminj, and the other on a nearby hill. This is why they called them Gemini. Once both of them lived in abundance, but after several centuries of wars and robberies, life disappeared from one of the small towns and the remaining residents kept the name as remembrance. Today, as in ancient times, Žminj is incredibly well connected with surrounding areas. There are many roads leading out from the small town to the surrounding villages.


  • Žminj Days of cheese
  • Žminj Bartulja - the largest Istrian folk festival
  • Feast of figs
  • Holy Trinity church
  • Žminj Makarunijada - competition in preparing macaroni dishes
  • Žminj Street Race

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